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In honor of the 90th anniversary of Sea Scouts in 2002, BoatUS, the nation's largest recreational boating organization, instituted the annual Sea Scout National Flagship Award.  Flagship recognition is a trophy awarded to a ship and its Chartered Organization.  Additionally, the ship name is added to perpetual Sea Scout Flagship plaque that is on permanent display in the Boy Scout Museum in Irving, Texas.

A ship must meet the minimal national standards in all areas for a calendar year starting January 1 and ending December 31. The application is due in the National Events Department by March 31, for consideration in being selected for the National Flagship Award.


2013 Boat US National Flagship Fleet

Sea Scout Ship Makai (700)
San Francisco Bay Area Council, San Leandro, CA

The Ship’s quarterdeck and Skipper completed a full application and provided support through written summary of their accomplishments and activities they participated in during this past year. The Ship’s Boatswain Nick Rojos comments, “Makai is much more than a Sea Scout Ship, we’re a group of determined young men who want to work hard for regattas and enjoy our cruises to the fullest … I am proud to lead these young men and I’m even more proud of the Makai that I call my second family.” The crew works hard and plays hard learning to maintain their boat, learning new skills, and competing in a wide array of events. A few highlights of their activities include:

  • Achieved the Gold level 2012 Journey to Excellence national award with a perfect score
  • 82.6 % of youth members advanced in rank, or advanced during the year
  • 38% of youth members achieved Ordinary Sea Scout rank or higher
  • The crew participated in 42 days of on-the-water activities during the year (Total engine run time 110 hours 13 minutes, including a 17 day Long Cruise)
  • 15 community unit service projects including such as landscaping at a community church, Scouting for Food, and maintenance at various marinas
  • Sent a youth member to Sea Scout Advanced Leadership training (“SEAL”) in Miami, FL
  • Competed in 4 Regional Regattas (taking a top class rating at 3 of them); attended 5 fleet training and social activities; conducted 5 leadership training courses; participated in many more active meetings and months of events too numerous to mention for a total of 188 days of Sea Scout activities during the year
  • Had a youth member appointed as the Western Region Area 3 Boatswain
  • Acquired and rigged a new primary vessel in less than 2 months
  • Recruited 9 new youth members during the year bringing their total to 23 and recruited 5 new adult members during the year bringing their total to 13
  • 14 of their Crew and 13 of their adults earned the Sea Scout Centennial Gold Award pin

A heartfelt congratulation goes to Ship Boatswain Nick Rojos, Skipper Robert Karn, Executive Officer Mr. Kevin Trujillo, and the dedicated S.S.S. Makai crew and adult volunteers. The Makai’s name will be inscribed on a perpetual trophy now on display at the National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas. An identical trophy will be presented to the ship’s leadership.

[Download the 2013 National Flagship Makai Announcement here.]


Sea Scout Ship
Makai (700)

San Francisco Bay Area Council
San Leandro, California



Sea Scout Ship
City of Roses (601)
Portland, Oregon

Sea Scout Ship
Invincible (502)
Cyprus, Texas

Sea Scout Ship
North Star (90)
New Milford, Pennsylvania

Sea Scout Ship
Tsunami (678)
Battle Ground, Washington


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