Voice of the Sea Scout Survey

The National Sea Scout Boatswain is looking for your input, along with the input from all your shipmates!


We need your voice in order to set a course for the future of Sea Scouting. In order for your voice to be heard, your need to fill out the "Voice of the Sea Scout" Survey and encourage your entire ship to do the same. From programs, to technology, advancement and more, we want to know what you think! The survey should take you less than 30 minutes to complete but could bring a lasting impact to our program.

Take the Survey Here!

Peter Schmidt
National Boatswain

Voice of the Sea Scout Survey

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Training Programs


Western Region Sea Scouts

Welcome to the Western Region Sea Scout page. Sea Scouts are all across the Western Region, from Arizona to Alaska.

The Western Region includes:

  • WR Area 1: Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho
  • WR Area 2: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, & Nebraska
  • WR Area 3: Northern California, Nevada
  • WR Area 4: Southern California (Los Angeles & Orange County)
  • WR Area 6: Far East, Hawaii, San Diego, Arizona, New Mexico & El Paso, Texas

Get on the Water

We are making 2014 the year of Getting on the Water.


To Learn More About Sea Scout Activity in the Western Region, check us out on

            West Wing Blog:

Facebook Group for Volunteers:

Sea Scout New Century Fan Page:


Twitter: @SeaScouts100th