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Sea Scout Marksmanship Award Order Form 430-934_Fillable

Order form for the Sea Scout Marksmanship Awards

This award for Sea Scouts has been implemented as a part of the special activities a Sea Scout can participate in during times when they are not engaged in their nautical programs. It is designed to give programming for the ship when they are not able to get on the water, as extracurricular program.

A Sea Scout would begin with the Basic Shooter requirements. He or she chooses which discipline or disciplines they would like to participate in. Note that they can choose to learn how to shoot more than one firearm. A special “Sea Scout Shooting Sports Medal” is being designed to be earned after a Sea Scout earns their first level, no matter what discipline they shoot. From the main medal, we would have small medal bars that would hang off of this original medal. The bar would state what the discipline is they shot and the level they are currently at. For an example, there would be 4 Bars for each discipline – i.e.: Rifle –Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. Each discipline would have these 4 bars. The Sea Scout would only wear the bar for the highest level they have achieved. If the Sea Scout shoots all 3 disciplines, they could only have a maximum of 3 bars hanging off of their medal showing the highest level achieved for each discipline.

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