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Gold Centennial Sea Scout Award

The Gold Centennial Sea Scout Award is available for all Sea Scouts and Leaders to earn in 2012. To learn more about this opportunity and special Centennial Electives, please view the Gold Centennial Sea Scout Order Form Packet.


Sea Scout Centennial Lapel Pin Availablesea-scout-label-pin

The Sea Scout Centennial Lapel Pin is available to all current Sea Scouts, Alumni, Scouting Professionals, and anyone interested in supporting the Sea Scout program. It is designed to be worn to help celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Sea Scouts.


Celebrating the Sea Scout Centennial

2012 is our time to celebrate the Centennial of Sea Scouts. Boy Scout Councils are encouraged to organize one Centennial event honoring the first 100 years of Sea Scouts, whether you have one Sea Scout Ship or twenty.

Arthur Carey, with the Boy Scout Ship Pioneer in Boston, is credited with starting Sea Scouts in the United States. There were other early leaders who were instrumental in this period, including Charles T. Longstreth, who organized a Sea Scout patrol aboard his yacht Arawan in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A century later, Sea Scouts continue to sail in waters off Puerto Rico to rivers of Iowa to the warm oceans of Hawaii.

A Council Centennial Celebration can qualify as an official Centennial Event by incorporating the 4 S’s of Sea Scouts into their activity. The 4 S’s include:

Scouting: “The Sea Scout lives the Scout Oath and Scout Law every day in every way”

Seamanship: “...For the Safety of your shipmates and your ship...”

Service: “Service to your community, your ship, the Scout Program, and all of those who have trustingly learned to look to a Scout for help.”

“Social”: The reward for the first three “S’s”

Here are some sample activities a Boy Scout Council can host to honor the Sea Scout Centennial:

Sea Scout Day: Celebrate being a Sea Scout with a Council-wide day by the water, complete with small boat sailing and a barbeque. Inland councils can use a Boy Scout camp where Sea Scouts can do semaphore, boatswain’s chair, marlinspike and other “dry land” nautical activities.

Sea Scout Council Exhibit: Build an exhibit for the Council office lobby, highlighting Sea Scout advancement and adventure.

Merit Badge Regatta: One day event with Sea Scouts teaching Merit Badges such as Rowing, Sailing, Motorboating or Canoeing to Boy Scouts.

Task Force Cruise: Sea Scout Ships rendezvous and cruise together to a destination. The cruise can include each vessel taking the lead, complete with signal flags to execute turns. A social event can be held at their destination, such as a barbeque or dance.

Centennial Regatta: Organize a competitive event honoring the Centennial, such as a sailing regatta or land-based competition, with activities such as boatswain’s chair, scuttlebutt or drill. Existing regattas/rendezvous can apply for “Centennial” status in 2012.   

The above are only ideas. You are only limited by your imagination. Remember: food, fun, and outdoor adventure bring youth together.