Voice of the Sea Scout Survey

The National Sea Scout Boatswain is looking for your input, along with the input from all your shipmates!


We need your voice in order to set a course for the future of Sea Scouting. In order for your voice to be heard, your need to fill out the "Voice of the Sea Scout" Survey and encourage your entire ship to do the same. From programs, to technology, advancement and more, we want to know what you think! The survey should take you less than 30 minutes to complete but could bring a lasting impact to our program.

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Peter Schmidt
National Boatswain

Voice of the Sea Scout Survey

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Training Programs

SAN FRANCISCO - USCGS Yerba Buena Island.  Over 200 area Sea Scouts participated in the annual Safety at Sea Weekend at the US Coast Guard Station Yerba Buena Island.

Safety at Sea provide Sea Scouts with remarkable opportunities to gain hands-on experience in critical safety-related situations.  From dewatering and damage control, to emergency signaling and firefighting, the Safety at Sea events are designed to challenge the Scouts in a safe and fun enviornment.  "Our Scouts are learning important life-saving skills at our event" says Carl Shellhorn, Skipper of the Sea Scout Ship Chaser (Napa, CA), "we're confident that if they have to face onboard emergency situations, they are are better equipped and skilled to handle those emergencies."

Safety at Sea started in San Francisco in 1993.  Since that time, S@S has been replicated in Texas, New London, Baltimore, San Diego and Hawaii, to name a few venues.  The training focuses on hands-on activites, because the first time a sailor launches a flare should not be in an actual emergency.  

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