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The New Century Universal Sea Scout Uniform has been authorized by the National Sea Scout Support Committee as an alternate uniform to the current adult and youth dress and work uniforms. It is intended to make it easy for members of newly formed Sea Scout Ships to outfit themselves in a Sea Scout uniform and may be chosen by any unit new or existing. When chosen by the unit, this universal uniform is worn by all youth and adult Ship members and may serve as both a dress uniform and a work uniform. The New Century Universal Sea Scout Uniform will be included in the next edition of the Sea Scout Manual, No. 33239.

The ball cap and optional neckerchiefs are under development by the National Supply Group, BSA; and should be available at or by special order from local Scout Shops within a few months.

Download the link PDFNew Century Universal Uniform Fact Sheet here.

New Century Universal Sea Scout Uniform Components

NCUni NekFrtSm

  • Navy Blue ball cap; with SEA SCOUTS and the Sea Scout First Class Anchor embroidered in white. Youth may wear the white Dixie cup (unit option) and adults may wear the white combination cover (unit option)
  • Dark Navy Blue shirt (similar to Dickies Nos.1574(male) and FS574(female), color DN)
  • Dark Navy Blue crew-neck t-shirt
  • Optional neckerchief for youth (unit option) either the New Century Neckerchief (black “tar flap” design), or Sea Scout Neckerchief (triangular black with white embroidered Sea Scout First Class Anchor and edging)
  • Dark Navy Blue trousers (similar to Dickies Nos. 874(male) and 774 (female); color DN)
  • Black web belt with silver buckle and tab
  • Black plain-toe shoes and black socks

New Century Universal Sea Scout Uniform Specifics and Tips

  • “Unit option” means that all the members of a Ship (unit) wear the optional item; based upon a unit decision.
  • The optional neckerchiefs are worn under the shirt collar. The neckerchiefs may be tied with a reef (square) knot or an inverted wall knot that drapes better (unit option).
  • Placement of awards and insignia (black) is similar to other Sea Scout Dress Uniforms (see below).
  • Sea Scout uniforms are worn without temporary patches to help retain a sharp appearance. The Commemorative Sea Scout Centennial Patch is the only exception.
  • A silver buckle with Sea Scout First Class Anchor may be worn in place of a plain silver buckle (unit option).
  • Matching shorts, or cargo shorts, may be worn.
  • Remove all manufacturers’ labels and marks that show on the outside of the garment.
  • Activity footwear such as boat shoes, hiking boots, or athletic shoes may be worn as appropriate to the activity.
  • Shirts and trousers can be purchased at stores or websites that carry work clothing such as, or at Sears or Wal-Mart retail stores.

NCUni TarBkSmNCUni NekFrtSmNCUni NekBkSm

New Century Universal Sea Scout Uniform Insignia

(Required insignia are marked with an asterisk*.)

Right Side     Left Side
  • American Flag*
  • Universal Sea Scout Emblem or custom ship emblem*
  • National Flagship Award or National Flagship Fleet Award
  • Journey to Excellence

Over Pocket

  • Sea Badge Pin
  • Nameplate (black with white lettering)
  • Sea Scouts BSA strip*

Pocket Flap

  • No items authorized


  • No items authorized


  • Council Strip*
  • Unit Number*
  • Badge of Office*
  • Long Cruise Badge

Over Pocket

  • World Crest*
  • Messengers of Peace insignia
  • SEAL Pin
  • Knots (up to six)
  • BSA Authorized Suspended Medals (suggested for formal events)

Pocket Flap

  • No items authorized


  • Youth rank insignia*

 Download the New Century Universal Uniform Fact Sheet here.

Uniform Details

Find details regarding specific Sea Scout uniforms by clicking below.

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