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“In our uniforms we are not just individuals, but representatives of the vast movement, a great cause, a vital part of a great nation.”  —James E. West

Uniforming is an important part of developing program recognition and self-identity. By wearing the Sea Scout uniform, youth make a statement to observers about courtesy, thoughtfulness, honesty, and other core values that convey character.

Working on a vessel reinforces the fact that with privilege comes responsibility.  The same is true with the privilege of wearing the Sea Scout uniform. Anything done while wearing the uniform reflects upon the reputation of all Sea Scouts in our nation. It becomes each Sea Scout’s responsibility to always do the right thing,  and it becomes each Sea Scout’s responsibility to keep the Sea Scout uniform correctly creased, cleaned, and maintained.

New Century Uniform

The “New Century” Universal Sea Scout Uniform has been authorized by the National Sea Scout Support Committee as an alternate uniform. It is intended to make it easy for the members of newly formed Sea Scout Ships to outfit themselves in a Sea Scout uniform. This universal uniform is worn by all Ship members, youth and adults, male and female; and may serve as both a dress uniform and a work uniform. Any Ship may adopt this uniform. The “New Century” Universal Sea Scout Uniform will be included in the next edition of the Sea Scout Manual, No. 33239.

Sea Scout Dress Uniforms

Sea Scout dress uniforms are worn on special occasions such as bridges of honor, annual banquets, public appearances, and other formal occasions. The dress uniforms are identical to U.S. Navy uniforms except for distinctive Sea Scout modifications.

Uniform Details

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