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A fix must incorporate several sets of information to accurately establish your position. It is possible to fix by


When a person is suffering from severe hypothermia, you should


The correct black shape for a vessel aground is a


You are the OOD on a 40' power vessel. You are approaching another vessel that sounds a horn signal of three short blasts. They are preparing to


All vessels are required to display a 360 degree white light when at anchor at night


You are the OOD on a 40' power vessel n]underway at 8 knots on a course of 005M. You wish to turn the vessel to the right slowly. You give the command


You are a power vessel underway. You are on a course of 020 M. You wish to change course slowly and proceed directly east. The proper command to the helm is


The standard ratio of length of anchor rode to vertical depth of water in normal conditions is


You are the OOD on a 40' power vessel underway. You are on a course of 020M. You wish to change course slowly and proceed direcltly East. The proper command to the helm is


A 16' Hobie Cat sailing vessel, (actually 16.4 feet) operating at night is required by law to have onboard


A power vessel underway in a fog will sound


When using the marine radio, you hear the word PAN.The operator is braodcasting information related to


a vessel towing another vessel in the for will sound


You are the OOD on a 40' sailboat underway under sail only on a course of 005M at a speed of 6 knots. The wind is coming from a relative direction of 070. Your lookout reports another sailing vessel under sail only approaching your vessel from a relative bearing pf 300 degrees just off port bow at a range of 300 meters. Under the rules of the road, your vessel


Equipment NOT required by law, but recommended on a 27' sailing vessel is


A red and white vertically striped marker is most likely what type of marker?


The first watch is from


Due to the small sixe, when operating a 12' rowboat, you do not need to have a type I, II or III life jacket on board


You can obtain a copy of Rules of the Road, published by the US Coast Guard, from


You are the lookout on a power vessel underway You see two lights on another vessel in the rigging in a vertical line, red over green This vessel is:


A yellow diamond shaped marker near a channel is


The US Coast Guard has determined that the most common cause of small boat accidents is


Vessels over 26 feet in length are required by law to have aboard


You are alongside with your port side to the dock in a 25' sailboat. The wind is at 10 knots on the port abeam. There is no obstruction on your starboard side. You cast off all lines and order all ahead dead slow and rudder___.


Halotron is a gas used in fire extinguishers for use on ABC fires, but it is not environmentally friendly

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