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Navigation lights on vessels provide information about


A sailing vessel under sail only is overtaking a power driven vessel. The sailboat is stand on.


A Station Bill is a written document that


The portion of a block that the bight of the line passes over is called a


While sailing a 25' sailboat in 12 knots of wind, if the wind suddenly increases to 18 and is building, you should


Whan vessels are approaching each other head to head, the general rule is that neither vessel may:


You are the OOD on a 40' power vessel n]underway at 8 knots on a course of 005M. You wish to turn the vessel to the right slowly. You give the command


You are operating a Hobie Cat 16 (actual measurement 16' 3") sailboat alone. This boat is designed to be knocked down and is easily brought upright. You are required to waer a life jacket, but you must also have a


Chain is made up into shots; a shot is ___ fathoms


If a crew member falls over the side, the primary duty of the navigator is to


A Fid is a tool used to seperate rope strands and does the same job as a Marlinspike.


Under Rule 5, if you are underway on a small vessel with only three people on board, it is not necessary to have a lookout


Which of the followingis an example of the correct use of the term "knot"?


A rope is a hawser if it is at least [____] inches in diameter.


You are the OOD on a 40' sailboat under sail only at night. You are approaching a power vessel displaying red over red lights in the rigging in vertical position. Since you are under sail only, you are the stand on vessel


The dog watch on a vessel is ised for the purpose of


A rope that is three-stranded, right or left, is called


When attaching a line to a cleat, use a


The system of aids to navigation in the United States is known as the


A vessel at night with a 360 degree red over 360 degree green light is


You are a power vessel in a channel. Another vessel is appraching you head to head and sounds a horn signal of one short blast. The other vessel intends to:


When using the marine radio, you hear the word SECURITY. This means the operator is broadcasting a safety message related to


When returning from sea, the first channel marker number you should see on your right side is


You are the OOD on a 40' sailboat underway during the day at a speed of 6 knots on a course of 005M. Your lookout reports a power vessel approaching your vessel from a relative bearing of 090 at a range of 400 meters at a soeed of 5 knots. The vessel is displaying two black balls in a vertical line in the rigging. Your vessel should


You wish to set a line to keep your boat from moving forwardinto the dock. You would set the line

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