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You are a power vessel underway in a channel. You see a vessel displaying a black conical shape in the rigging with the apex pointed down. The vessel is:


To reverse the heading while alongside at pier, first put out a double bow line and swing the rudder


The time zone known as Zulu time is located


You are the OOD on a 40' sailboat underway under sail only at 6 knots. Your course is 005 M. The wind is coming from a relative bearing of 090. Your lookout reports another vessel underway under sail only approaching from a relative bearing of 020 on a course of approximately 180 M. According to the rules of the road, your vessel


On a chart, the differenct between true north and magnetic north is called


You are alongside with your port side to the dock in a 25' sailboat. The wind is at 10 knots on the port abeam. There is no obstruction on your starboard side. You cast off all lines and order all ahead dead slow and rudder___.


Chain is made up into shots; a shot is ___ fathoms


a line that is used to keep the boat from moving forward or backwards is called


If you are 12 miles at sea, you may legally dump plastic


an aid to navigation on a chart reads {F1 3sec "G-5" 30 ft 3M} This means the aid to navigation flashes every 3 seconds, has the notation G-5 painted on it, is 30 feet tall and has a light 3 meters off the water


You are the OOD getting underway. You are in a 40' power vessel with one screw. You are alongside with your port side to the pier. You have a 20 knot wind on your starboard beam. You desire to back out into the wind. You attach a port side spring line to the bow and then order


You are operating a power boat in a channel. A sailboat under sail only is crossing the channel. You are the stand on the vessel.


You are a power vessel underway A vessel is approaching and crossing right to left (your starboard abeam) You must:


The line that keeps the boat from moving forward of backward when alongside is called


Two sailing vessels approach each other with wind of different sides. The stand-on vessel is


The best knot to secure loop in a line that will not slip is


The lookout must be vigilint, be in a position to see and hear, but may


A 40' power vessel underway at night must display red and green running lights and a white stern light and an aditional white light. This additional white light, also known as a steaming light, shows light forward for a total of ___ degrees.


The best bottom condition to set an anchor is


A sailing vessel under sail only is on a port tack and in danger of collision with a sailing vessel also under sail only on a starboard tack. Which vessel is stand on?


A radio signal of Morse Code- two shorts, three longs, two shorts, is the distress signal SOS.


A forty foot boat should carry at least ___ anchors.


The law requires that vessels under 16 feet in length must have aboard


To secure a small rope to the boght of a larger rope, you would use


High clouds are called

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