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The word PAN PAN when used on a VHF radio means


A type A fire can be extinguished with sea water


Almost all rope aboard a vessel is referred to as "line"


Equipment NOT required by law, but recommended on a 27' sailing vessel is


You are the OOD on a 40' sailboat underway under sail only on a course of 005M at a speed of 6 knots. The wind is coming from a relative direction of 070. Your lookout reports another sailing vessel under sail only approaching your vessel from a relative bearing pf 300 degrees just off port bow at a range of 300 meters. Under the rules of the road, your vessel


Two power driven vessels are in a crossing situation. The vessel that is give way


The best knot to secure loop in a line that will not slip is


When selecting rope to attach the anchor to the vessel, the best choice would be


A power vessel making way in the fog will sound a signal of


You are the lookout on a sailing vessel. You see a vessel with a black cylinder in the rigging. This vessel is:


A black day shape that looks like two conical shapes apex to apex means the vessel is:


An emergency signal is


On your chart, you amrk an electronic fix, such as a GPS fix, with a dot surrounded by a


a 12' sailing vessel is underway under sail only at night; by law, they must display


Markers floating in the water that feature two black balls on top in a vertical line mean


According to Safty Afloat rules, the following vessels are not authorized for use in BSA activities


A vessel is flying a black day shape that appears to be a black ball; the vessel is


The first best choice for bottom conditions when anchoring is


You are the lookout on a 40' power vessel underway. You see two lights on another vessel in the rigging position in a vertical line, red over green. The vessel is


You are the OOD on a 40' sailboat underway during the day at a speed of 6 knots on a course of 005M. Your lookout reports a power vessel approaching your vessel from a relative bearing of 090 at a range of 400 meters at a soeed of 5 knots. The vessel is displaying two black balls in a vertical line in the rigging. Your vessel should


The minimum tensile strength of a rope on a vessel is [____] times rated


Three bells sounded in the afternoon means it is


The line that keeps the boat from moving forward of backward when alongside is called


A red over green horizon al striped marker is:


When lighting an alcohol fuel stove, the correct procedure is to first strike a match and hold it near the burner, then turn on the stove valve slightly. When the fuel ignites, leave the valve open slightly and continue your food preperation while monitoring the flame.

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