Training Programs

We are pleased to announce the selection of the Western Region Sea Scout Commodore, Glen Meskimen. He has accepted the role of Region Commodore, representing the Sea Scouts in all areas of the Western Region for 2011-2012.  Glen has been involved in the Sea Scout program since 1960, where as a youth he was a member of Ship 145 in Redwood City, California. He earned his Quartermaster award in 1964 and has been involved with the program over the years, serving as Skipper for two ships during his tenure.  His interests include: sailing, golf, and travel.

In his role, Glen will represent all Sea Scouts in all councils of the Western Region on the National Sea Scout Committee. His duties include: 1) To support and encourage councils by helping them develop local resources to successfully grow Sea Scouts; 2) To establish and maintain cooperative relationships with regional boating and maritime organizations; 3) To encourage councils to organize new Sea Scout ships and improve the quality of existing ships leading to longer retention of members and leaders; 4) To supervise the policies and standards related to Sea Scout advancement, activities, and programs such as regattas, rendezvous, Bridges of Honor, training courses, or conferences; 5) To oversee the scheduling and staffing of Seabadge courses as approved by the National Sea Scout Committee; 6) To oversee the coordination for any SEAL courses held within the region working directly with the National SEAL Training Coordinator; 7) To develop and support, upon request, Sea Scout functions at regional Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Venturing, and Sea Scout activities and conferences; 8) To serve as a voting member of the National Sea Scout Support Committee; 9) To be responsible for working with the regional Sea Scout operating committees as needed to carry out support of all programs; 10) To serve as a liaison between the regional, area, and National Sea Scout Committee; 11) To serve as the liaison and assign, as requested, committee members to serve on other BSA Regional and Area committees with other BSA programs (Outdoor Programs, Membership, Program Content, Commissioners, etc); 12) To maintain communications with the all areas, councils, and Sea Scouters through the Sea Scout Web site, housed and linked through the national Sea Scout Web site server. Be sure to include items of interest from all areas of the region; and 13) Attend Sea Scout Bridges of Honor to recognize Sea Scouts for earning the rank of Quartermaster as schedule permits, including sending letters of recognition.

Glen can be reached: 1970 Magnolia Blvd. W., Seattle, Washington  98199*Cell: 206-369-6771 and by e-mail at

Join us in congratulating Glen in this new role. We look forward to having him share his experiences with the Sea Scouts of the Western Region and serving as their representative on the National Sea Scout Committee.